Underwriting on KVAN Visionary Radio

Underwriting is a fantastic way for your business to show support for our station and connect with our global audience. Your message will be received locally on Tucson's KVAN 91.7 FM and internationally at KVAN.FM. The dedicated listeners of KVAN appreciate those who support our unique programming and develop a positive image of the business who support it.


  • Underwriting positions your business as a sustainer of quality community programming and wins you the support of KVAN’s loyal progressive listeners.
  • Our station’s reach throughout the metro Tucson area and our continuous presence online provide your business wide exposure through our on-air acknowledgments of your support.
  • We offer a totally original and visionary program niche, offering a multi-dimensional variety of music and talk from the heart of Tucson at our studios within The Sea of Glass—Center for the Arts.
  • We are non-commercial, nonprofit, and staffed by all new world human-rights missionaries of radio, offering the highest standards in radio programming, including fresh perspectives on art, food, music, spirituality, media, and more.
  • We are committed to the success of our underwriters as they are to ours, and we have worked hard to create a package of benefits to our supporters we are confident will make a difference.
  • You’ll be supporting a nonprofit 501(c)(3) community station whose goal is to provide a new way of non-commercialized radio featuring transformational programming in the environmental, social, and spiritual realms that aims to bring hope and visionary perspectives to listeners in the greater Tucson community and beyond.


If you are interested in Underwriting Opportunities on KVAN Visionary Radio please contact Mycenay Plyler at (520) 307-5192 or fill out this form and we will get back to you.