KVAN Visionary Radio


KVAN Visionary Radio is a service of Global Change Media

KVAN Visionary Radio raises human consciousness with visions for the future.

Our slogan Visionary Radio, is literally who we are! It means being future-forward in thinking, progressive in mind and soul growth, and futuristic in concepts of who we are and who we are to become.

Being visionary is being in higher consciousness, with connections to spiritual realms of the Divine. Higher consciousness is always visionary with a spiritual goal in mind.

KVAN Visionary Radio is the new sound of CosmoPop® and Global Change Music!

Our exclusive and original CosmoPop® genre of music is the visionary higher consciousness of its creator, Van of Urantia. He brings you music with spiritual experiences and a vision for the future, making CosmoPop® literally music of the future for minds of the future! This is also reflected in our many evolving artists who represent Global Change Music, artists who need to be heard because their music is about global change.

KVAN Radio's vision is all about building spiritual bridges, making spiritual connections, sharing higher consciousness experiences and establishing relationships between the most creative people in communities around the planet.

We seek to provide quality, alternative programming for a global community, knowing that each community is part of a whole collective vision for our planet, and we uphold our listeners as unique members of one planetary family.

We are committed to broadcasting the highest quality in music and talk radio with a bold, fearless and visionary attitude.

We well know that radio is media's best-kept secret for global change because it has the ability, quite literally, to make waves in our world. We feel responsible to broadcast language and sounds that reflect truth, beauty, goodness and love.

We're KVAN Visionary Radio because as history has proven to us all, where there is no vision the people will perish!