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Music of the Future for Minds of the Future™

The New Sound of CosmoPop® and Global Change Music! Broadcasting from Tucson, Arizona on 91.7 FM and streaming across the universe on

Where there is no vision, the people perish.

KVAN 91.7 Visionary Radio

This is my work
Broadcasting from our studios at The Sea of Glass — Center for the Arts.
  • Our slogan 'Visionary Radio,' means forward-thinking, progressive, and futuristic content. We are committed to broadcasting the highest quality in music and talk radio with a bold, fearless, and visionary attitude.

  • We seek to provide quality, alternative programming for the Tucson community, knowing that ultimately our community extends beyond the reach of our terrestrial broadcast signal. We acknowledge the global community at large and uphold our listeners as unique members of one planetary family.

In as much as it is our responsibility to provide an outlet for alternative voices of the world, we also feel responsible to provide the highest quality programming, featuring conscious music and enlightened conversation. Radio is media's best-kept secret for global change. Because it has the ability, quite literally, to make waves in our world, we feel responsible to broadcast sounds that reflect truth, beauty, goodness, and love.

In 1977, TaliasVan founded Global Change Media (then known as Gabriel Records) and used music and concerts to educate and share higher-consciousness messages with college students, the disenfranchised, and the Tucson homeless.

Today Global Change Media, headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, has grown to include the talent and support of spiritually-minded and socially-concerned people from around the world.

This is my work

Global Change Media founder TaliasVan.

In addition to his role as Executive Director of Global Change Media, TaliasVan is also a spiritual leader and teacher, and is an internationally known and celebrated musician who performs his own avant-garde CosmoPop® Music under the name of TaliasVan. He also founded the Global Change Music nonprofit record label, which presents a portfolio of artists who not only speak, but actually live, a message for global change.

In order to serve progressive, talented musicians who are not being heard or broadcast, TaliasVan organized the nonprofit Musicians-That-Need-to-be-Heard Network. KVAN supports this network of committed and deserving musicians who are excluded from, or choose not to participate in, the corporate-run music industry, thus providing our audience a fresh, new alternative to today's mainstream radio offerings. KVAN brings the universal language of music to the air-waves with a specially curated collection of artists who have a message of positive global change!

Why Underwrite with KVAN?

  • Broadcast contour reaches the University of Arizona campus community, Tucson Metro Area, South Tucson, and beyond, while we simulcast our programming online via our website
  • Delivers a high concentration of listeners of all ages within our coverage area
  • Original programming complements & reinforces your marketing presence to the progressive Tucson community.
  • Offers fresh perspectives in art, music, food, and media, featuring programs on sustainable living, organic gardening, alternative health, spirituality & world events.
  • Programming is available world-wide online at KVAN.FM

Introductory underwriting options are available for a limited time, including on-screen business acknowledgements to audiences attending events and live performances at The Sea Of Glass — Center For The Arts.


KVAN Visionary Radio exists with the generous support of our listeners who become donors. Sustaining membership is the easiest way to support the programming you love on KVAN Visionary Radio! Sustaining Members are ongoing, monthly contributors.

You choose your monthly giving level and your contribution is automatically deducted each month from your credit card or checking account and you can modify your gift at any time. One time donations are greatly appreciated as well. Click on the support button above to give to KVAN today!

KVAN Visionary Radio is a division of Global Change Media which is internally supported by Global Community Communications Alliance (GCCAlliance). Donations made to GCCAlliance for KVAN Visionary Radio at this portal are tax exempt under IRS Section 501(c)(3) and are used solely for the benefit of KVAN Visionary Radio, a nonprofit community station.

By becoming a KVAN Visionary Radio Sustaining Member you are joining hands with local and global citizens worldwide who are part of the Truth-or movement (Truth-ors, pronounced Truthers are those who are seeking the truth or nothing.)

What is a KVAN Membership?

Anyone who donates $35 or more as an annual gift or $5 a month or more as a sustainer is a KVAN member! Whether you donate once or are a sustaining member, your donation gives you access to some of our great benefits.

Why should you become a KVAN Member and what are the benefits?

  • The great feeling of knowing you've helped support nonprofit radio with a mission to serve and bless others!
  • You’re part of a community that ensures KVAN can fulfill its public service mission of bringing higher consciousness messages of hope and positive change to the world.
  • It gives KVAN a steady, reliable stream of program support and greatly contributes to the health of the station.
  • Priority invitations to KVAN events
  • KVAN / Truth-or Membership Card
  • Thank you gifts including:
    • Donations of $35 or $5 a month: KVAN Kustom Coffee Mug
    • Donations of $75 or $10 a month: a KVAN T-Shirt
    • Donations of $100 or more or $15 a month or more: One tickets to an upcoming show at the Sea of Glass plus a KVAN Coffee Mug OR your name mentioned as a $100 (or more) donor on the radio.

Your prayers and loving financial gifts encourage us missionaries to keep the faith and hope alive here at KVAN 91.7


KVAN is proud to feature these artists from the Global Change Music nonprofit record label:

Purchase Music

You can purchase the CosmoPop music of TaliasVan & The Bright & Morning Star Band and Global Change Music online at:

And in Tucson at Sacred Treasures at 330 E 7th St off of 4th Avenue. Sacred Treasures

This is my work


Featuring CosmoPop® music, spiritual vocal music that addresses the sufferings of our times and gives hope for a better world to come. CosmoPop® music is music of the future for minds of the future. Also featuring Global Change Music.

This is my work


Conversations with musical, social, and spiritual activists from around the world.

Photo: TaliasVan with Russell Means. At Future Studios, 2007.

This is my work


Committed to utilizing the airwaves for reliable communication in the face of imminent emergencies.

This is my work


Think globally, listen locally with Community Supported Radio. KVAN is committed to building an extended, global community.

Meet the DJs!

At KVAN "DJ" means, "Desiring Jah". We're on air to bring you closer to the Creator!
DJ Shakta

Mama Spin Queen

DJ Amadon


DJ AvaJaCyone

Daughter of Alcyone

DJ Kzar


DJ Darmalay


DJ AussieMae


DJ Sunja


DJ WillowEla


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